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Austin Dog Walking + Dog Fitness Services

Let's GO For a Walk ATX!

Austin Dog Walking: The Sporty Dog

Sporty Dog Walks are Beneficial For All Dogs, big or small! From the largest of Great Danes to the tiniest of Yorkies, your dog can reap the countless benefits from a Mid Day Walk, while getting Exercise + Socialization + Mental Stimulation + Basic Leash Training + Positive Behavior Reinforcement either one-on-one or on group walks in your neighborhood or trail nearby.

Hike N Sniff the Trail @ Lady Bird Lake

austin dog walker: the sporty dog

Perfect for active pups who need at least an hour of daily exercise to keep them physically + mentally healthy + happy as well as Social and Mental Stimulation to reduce unwanted behaviors or encourage appropriate social behaviors around other pups or those who need a little extra outside time to sniff n explore! 

Dog Sports + Dog Fitness

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

Perfect for the dog that needs some extra attention or to burn off excess energy or cool off with a swim.  We can engage your dog with a variety of toys, play fetch, chuck-it, frisbee, tug-of-war, or your pup's favorite sport or toy to help improve agility and coordination as well as encourage problem solving skills in a way that is mentally stimulating and builds self confidence in your own back yard or at an off leash area.

Pet Taxi Services

Austin Dog Walking: The Sporty Dog

The Sporty Dog ON THE GO can assist or transport your pet to and from Vet Visits, Pet Emergencies, Pet Errands, Grooming Appointments, drop off/pick up from Doggie Day Care, Boarding, the Airport, or other dog related events. Your pet(s) will be safe and buckled up inside the car. A brief walk or outside potty time included before arriving back home or drop off location. 

Hotel Pet Sitting Services

Austin Dog Walking: The Sporty Dog

The Sporty Dog ON THE GO is the GO TO Pet Care Service at many local Pet Friendly Hotels such as the Driskill, Hotel Van Zandt or any other pet friendly hotel. Contact us for more info to book a reservation in advance providing your Hotel Room Number and dates requested for a hotel pet sitter. 

Pet Wedding Attendant

austin pet taxi

The Sporty Dog ON THE GO can pick up your pet and transport to and from your wedding, wait with your pet, assist during the ceremony or provide any type of pet attendant services you are needing as well as pet sitting + dog walking services. 

In-Home Austin Pet Sitting Services

austin pet sitting: the sporty dog

In-Home Pet Services

Every pet(s) individual needs will be met, from their diet to exercise routine, as well as any meds. We personalize care for each and every home with our highest priority focused on the well-being and happiness of your pet(s). Each visit includes fresh water, meals, love and treats with a Pet Report Card and adorable picture of your pet(s) having fun and for your peace of mind. Home care services are included such as taking out trash, removal of pet waste, mail check, water plants, adjust lights, etc.

Austin Dog Walking: The Sporty Dog

In-Home Overnight Services

At your home sleep-over so that your furry family member does not have to stay home alone. This is particularly helpful for elderly pets and pets with special needs or for those with separation anxiety who just don't like to sleep alone. Your professional pet-sitter will be there overnight (8pm-8am) with your pet to monitor, cuddle, play and provide lots of TLC and companionship. All meals + walks included. 

austin pet sitting: the sporty dog

In-Home AM/PM Vacation Services

All Pets get to remain in their normal environment and the comfort of their own home with our AM + PM Pet Services. Each visit includes either a walk around the block, play time in the yard, fresh water, meals served, + lots of kisses and belly rubs + a treat before bed time.  

Celebrating 10 YEARS IN ATX!!


 At The Sporty Dog, we are foremost pet owners  ourselves and we know what it feels like to leave your pet(s) in someone else's care. A pet is a precious family member, which makes choosing the right Austin Dog Walking Service + Pet Care Professional a very important decision.