As Trustworthy. Compassionate. Certified. Pet Care Professionals. Our Highest Priority is focused on the Well Being of your Pet(s).

The Sporty Dog is a Professional and Certified Pet Care Company established in Austin, Texas in 2008, providing the very Best Pet Care you need 365 days a year, whether day or night, weekend or holiday. We LOVE dedicating our life to spending time with your Pets and making it a positive experience!

When you choose The Sporty Dog, a Certified Pet Professional will come to meet you at your house and will customize the care for each pet(s) individual needs on a personal level. Ultimately giving you the Peace of Mind knowing your "littlest or biggest" family member is given the very Best personal attention that we would give to our own pets, in your own home, where sights and smells are most familiar and your dog's routine is not interrupted by going elsewhere. Home is where the Dog is!





Exercise: Positive Reinforcement: Mental Stimulation:

Daily Exercise, Mental Stimulation, and Positive Reinforcement to keep your pet healthy, fit, balanced, and happy as well as to help curb any behavioral issues and relieve any stress or anxiety so your pet(s) can thrive and receive all the benefits of having a Professional Dog Walker.

Why Hire A Certified Professional? #getarealpetsitter

It's not only beneficial to a pet's health to Hire a Professional, who is trained, certified, and experienced with a variety of dog breeds and animal behavior but also prepared for ALL emergencies. We make it our goal to encourage each pet to reach their highest potential while under our care and become happier, less anxious, healthier dogs, as a result of positive interactions, consistency, and one-on-one care.

  • Owners TRUST Us and Pets LOVE Us.
  • Your Pet(s) can Stay and Play at Home with our Animal-Loving Team of Certified Dog Walkers 
  • Peace of Mind that your home and pet(s) are being well cared for in your absence.
  • We adjust lights, blinds, water plants, bring in mail, newspapers, packages and take out trash.
  • All pet(s) remain in a secure, familiar environment, less likely to be exposed to illness or stress from boarding, or travel.
  • All Pet Services are customized to follow your pet(s) daily routine.
  • Basic leash training and Positive Behavior Reinforcement incorporated with each walk.
  • Personal, Loving, Attention is given to every pet in the household.
  • Regular Pet Visits to your home is a crime deterrent. 
  • We send daily updates with incredible pictures of your pet(s) so you can see they are happy, healthy and having fun!
  • We are fully Licensed, Liability Insured, & Bonded through State Farm and CPR Trained.
  • We have Professional Experience with ALL shapes, sizes, breeds, and ages of pet(s).
  • We specialize and are successful in working with fearful, anxious, shy, or rescued pet(s).
  • Impeccable 5 Star Reviews.
  • Background Checked with Certified Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters.
  • We are one of the very first established Austin Pet Services founded in 2008.
  • A Local Member of APSO (Austin Professional Pet Sitters Organization). 
  • A Member of Pet Sitters of Texas.
  • Certified Professional Pet Sitter of (PSI) Pet Sitters International. #getarealpetsitter