Exercise + Love + Reassurance + Individualized Attention

The Sporty Dog Austin specializes in Professional In-Home Pet Care + Dog Walking + Dog Fitness Services that are tailored to meet the needs of you and your pet(s). Our services provide unsurpassed One-on-One Attention in familiar surroundings and are Personalized to meet your pet's individual needs. You can always count on The Sporty Dog because we introduce a High Level of Service + Expertise that will make you feel comfortable leaving your furry family member(s) in good hands.

Our Passionate Pet Care Specialists offer High Standards + Years of Experience in the Pet Industry + Five-Star Customer Service to provide your pet(s) with Exercise + Love + Reassurance + Individualized Attention + Peace of Mind for when you’re not there. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation. 

The Sporty Dog Walking + Dog Fitness Services


Does your pup get bored, lonely, or have separation anxiety or need a mid day potty break to stretch his legs? All of our services can be customized to meet your pet(s) needs whether your goal is to master basic obedience, combat separation anxiety, change problematic tendencies with consistent one-on-one positive reinforcement walks. Starting at $20/30 minute walk. Must book at least 2-3 walks/week. Additional $5/pet.


On average, most dogs need at least an hour of daily exercise to keep them physically + mentally healthy + happy. Longer Walks, Greenbelt Hikes, or the Dog Park are great for dogs who need more exercise as well as Social and Mental Stimulation to reduce unwanted behaviors or encourage appropriate social behaviors around other pups. Starting at $25-30/hour. Additional dogs $10.


For the dog that needs some extra attention or to burn off excess energy. We can engage your dog with a variety of toys, play fetch, frisbee, tug-of-war, ball or your pup's favorite toy to help improve agility and coordination as well as to encourage problem solving skills in a way that is mentally stimulating and builds self confidence. Starting at $20-25/visit.

The Sporty dog In-home Pet Sitting Services

Kitty Cat Meow Services

A Pampered Kitty Cat visit is 30 minutes and includes a litter scoop + clean up + removal of waste, play time, kitty cuddles, fresh water, refresh dry food or wet food, and kitty treats. Starting at $20/visit. Additional $5/cat.

In-Home Overnight Pet Services

At your home sleep-over so that your furry family member does not have to stay home alone. This is particularly helpful for elderly pets and pets with special needs or for those who just don't like to sleep alone. Your professional pet-sitter will be there overnight (8pm-8am) with your pet to monitor, cuddle, play and provide lots of TLC and companionship for up to 2 pets. Starting at $75/night or $120 with a mid day visit.

In-Home Vacation AM/PM Pet Services

All Pets get to remain in their normal environment with our AM + PM Pet Services + meals served. Every pet(s) individual needs will be met, from their diet to exercise routine, as well as any meds. Each visit includes fresh food, water, love and treats with an update and adorable picture of your pet(s) having fun and for your peace of mind. Starting at $25/visit.

Sporty Dog Walks are Beneficial For All Dogs, Big or small!

The Sporty Dog Walking Services include a Positive time for your pet(s) to get outside and have FUN...

From the largest of grate danes to the tiniest of yorkies, your dog can reap the countless benefits from a mid day walk while getting exercise + socialization + mental stimulation + basic leash training + positive behavior reinforcement.

Pets Love Us + Pawrents Trust Us!

It's not only beneficial to a pet's health to Hire a Professional, who is Trained, Certified, and Experienced with a variety of Dog breeds and Animal Behavior but also prepared for ALL Emergencies. We make it our goal to encourage each pet to reach their highest potential while under our care and become happier, less anxious, healthier dogs, as a result of positive interactions, consistency, and one-on-one care.

We are 100% Bonded + Insured + Certified. Our Pet Care Specialists are Educated Professionals with Pet Care Training + Pet Care Safety.  We invest in continuing education + staying up to date in the pet care industry so that our clients + their pet(s) receive the best care possible.

At The Sporty Dog, we are foremost Pet Owners ourselves and we know what it feels like to leave your pet(s) in someone else's care. A pet is a precious family member, which makes choosing the right Pet Care Professional a very important decision. 

 Service areas include South, Central, Downtown and West Austin areas.

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