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Creating Professional Pet Care Partnerships for Your Peace of Mind + the Well-Being of Your Pet(s). 

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The Sporty Dog is a Professional and Certified Dog Walking Company established in Austin, Texas in 2008. Our services are personalized to meet your pet's individual needs. Whether it’s Pet Sitting or Daily Dog Walking, you can count on The Sporty Dog to provide your pets with Love, Reassurance, Individualized Attention and Peace of Mind for when you’re not there.

Structured Dog Walks are Beneficial For All Dogs

Our Dog Walking Services include a Positive time for your pet(s) to get outside and have FUN getting some Exercise + Socialization + Mental Stimulation as well Basic Leash Training + Positive Behavior Reinforcement incorporated with each walk, whether solo or a pack adventure walk. From the largest of Great Danes to the tiniest of Chihuahuas, your dog can reap the countless benefits from a Mid Day Walk.



  1. It’s good for my physical well-being. A daily walk keeps me physically fit. My muscles stay strong and my joints flexible and limber. And, it keeps me from becoming a couch potato.
  2. It’s good for my mental well-being. A daily walk gives me a chance to explore the outside world using all my senses. I can discover all kinds of new sights, sounds, and smells. And I get a good mental workout too.
  3. I get opportunities to socialize. A daily walk will build my social skills so I can be friendly with all the people I meet, as well as other critters just like me.
  4. I get training & bonding opportunities. A daily walk can be my training time and help me bond with my pack leader so I can be calm and more sure of myself.
  5. It gives me an outlet for excess energy. A daily walk will be an outlet for all my energy, keeping me out of trouble and from bad behavior.  In the end, I’m not as anxious or bored.
  6. There’s less behavioral problems. A daily walk, most of all, will make me a “happy dog;” a dog that’s strong, smart, and loving.
  7. It’s good for my longevity. Because dogs that get a regular exercise are fitter and healthier than those that don’t. They usually live longer. As joints weaken with age, it’s very important to keep muscles as strong as possible. That’s why I get several “daily walks” per day.

Pets Love Us = Paw-rents Trust Us

Why Choose Us? It's not only beneficial to a pet's health to Hire a Professional, who is Trained, Certified, and Experienced with a variety of Dog breeds and Animal Behavior but also prepared for ALL Emergencies. We make it our goal to encourage each pet to reach their highest potential while under our care and become happier, less anxious, healthier dogs, as a result of positive interactions, consistency, and one-on-one care.