Lauren Spears, Austin Dog Lady, is a life long animal lover, pet mom and a former Elementary Special Education Teacher and has over 30 years of expertise caring for animals of all backgrounds. Lauren started working Professionally in the Dog Walking Industry in 2006 while training under Top Five Star Professional Pet Companies in Dallas and Los Angeles which lead her to become a Certified, Professional Pet Care Specialist specializing in Positive Training Reinforcement when working with all dogs but especially rescues, fearful, anxious or shy dogs. 

Lauren grew up with dogs and they have always had a special place in her heart which lead her to work with dogs as a full time career and is her life long calling. She has never met an animal that didn't respond positively to her calm nature and soft spoken voice. She has a natural way of using a gentle approach to help calm and relax each pet while creating a long lasting bond with each pet she meets. 

Lauren currently resides in Austin, Texas with her two rescued dogs, Emmitt + Birdie, from Forgotten Friends Rescue + Caspar Meow

The Sporty Dog, Inc. is Certified + Licensed + Bonded + Insured through St. Farm Ins. and a proud member of PSI, the world's largest, most-trusted educational association for professional pet sitters + dog walkers. Founded in 1994, PSI is dedicated to educating professional pet sitters and promoting, supporting and recognizing excellence in pet sitting. ALWAYS HIRE A PROFESSIONAL + #GETAREALPETSITTER  


  • Your Pet(s) can Stay and Play at Home with our Animal-Loving Team of Certified Pet Care Specialists.
  • Peace of Mind that your home and pet(s) are being well cared for in your absence. 
  • Regular Visits to your home is a crime deterrent. (adjust lights, blinds, water plants, bring in mail, newspapers, packages and take out trash).
  • All pet(s) remain in a secure, familiar environment, less likely to be exposed to illness or stress from boarding, or travel.
  • All Pet Services are customized to follow your pet(s) daily routine.
  • Basic leash training + Positive Behavior Reinforcement incorporated with each walk.
  • Personal, Loving, Attention is given to every pet in the household.
  • We have Professional Experience with ALL shapes, sizes, breeds, and ages of pet(s) and fearful, anxious, shy, or rescued pet(s).
  • Certified Professional Pet Sitter of (PSI) Pet Sitters International. 


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