The Sporty Dog: Austin Dog Walking + Dog Fitness

Puppy Breaks

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

Are you potty training a new puppy? Let a Sporty Dog Pet Specialist assist with the more frequent visits required during the potty training process. All puppy breaks are private visits/one family at a time, are non-exercise focused, and are designed for young puppies needing multiple short potty breaks per day. 


  •  Puppy Break service includes two 15-minute Quick Austin Dog Walking Visits per day, water refresh, a paw wipe, a meal and/or treats served (if requested), and daily GPS update + Pet Report.

Lil' Sport Walk + Visit

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

Quick Potty Break Outside, Play Ball or Walk around the Block then back inside for fresh water + treat. Austin Dog Walking is Perfect for small-medium Dogs less than 20 lbs. 


  • A great choice for puppies, shy dogs and backyard potty breaks for small pets.
  • 20 Minute Austin Dog Walking/ Drop In Visit 

Mid-Day Sporty Dog Walk

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

* The Most Popular M-F Walk* with consistent one-on-one positive reinforcement for all pups who get bored, lonely, or have separation anxiety or need a Mid Day potty break to stretch their legs + practice good leash manners while interacting socially and gaining lots of mental stimulation during all walks.  Perfect for Medium-Large Dogs.


  • Our most popular walk, ideal for most dogs needing weekly exercise.
  • 30 Minute Austin Dog Walking Visit 

Hike N Sniff

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

Let's Hike! All of our austin dog walking services can be customized to meet your pet(s) needs whether your goal is to master basic obedience, combat separation anxiety, change problematic tendencies with consistent one-on-one positive reinforcement walks. Perfect for Active pups, or those who need a little extra outside time walking in their own neighborhood or a trail nearby to sniff + explore. 


  • A perfect option for dogs needing more exercise + sniffs.
  • 60 Minute Austin Dog Walking/Hike
  • Optional Pet Taxi Services
  • Perfect Gift for a dog loving friend

Adventure Sporty Dog Walk

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

Perfect for active pups who need at least 45 minutes to an hour of daily austin dog walking exercise to keep them physically + mentally healthy + happy as well as encourage Social and Mental Stimulation to reduce unwanted behaviors or encourage appropriate social behaviors around other pups or those who need a little extra outside time to sniff + swim + explore.  


  • Excellent for energetic dogs and animals that need a little extra attention + exercise.
  • 45-60 Minute Austin Dog Walking Visit for medium-large dogs
  • Perfect Gift for a dog loving friend.

Structured Walk N Play

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

Is your dog Sporty?  Structured Dog Sports are perfect for the dog that needs some extra attention or to burn off excess energy. Along with our austin dog walking services, we can engage your dog with a variety of toys, play fetch, chuck-it, frisbee, tug-of-war, or your pup's favorite sport or toy to help improve agility and coordination as well as encourage problem solving skills in a way that is mentally stimulating and builds self confidence in your own back yard or at an off leash area.


  • Excellent for energetic dogs and animals that need a little extra attention + exercise.
  • A perfect option for dogs needing more exercise + agility training reinforcement.
  • 30-60 Minute Austin Dog Walking/Playtime
  • Optional Pet Taxi Services

austin dog walking: the sporty dog

Benefits of Austin Dog Walking

Benefits Of Dog Walking:

  • KEEPS PETS HEALTHY & PROMOTES STABILITY: Walking a dog is sometimes regarded as a chore. However, it shouldn't be, as it is beneficial for all involved. The health benefits you will gain from walking are as great as for your pet! Promoting consistency and routine for you and your pet(s) is very beneficial. Choose Austin Dog Walking Today!
  • HELPS BUILD TRUST: If you have a timid or fearful pet, regular Austin Dog Walking can help your pet to build confidence and trust.  You will likely be exposing your pet to other humans and animals alike, which will be the benefits of dog walking with you or a dog walker there for comfort so your pet can learn to be comfortable in a variety of environments instead of staying at home alone.
  • HELP PROMOTE YOUR BOND: Spending time with your pet(s) is extremely important. It strengthens the bond between you and leads to a strong, trusting relationship. Walk to strengthen your bond and your bodies. Plus your pet will love this time set aside just for his needs. Choose Austin Dog Walking when you can't be there as a backup!
  • NO MORE ATTENTION SEEKING BEHAVIORS: Barking and whining are just signs that your pet wants some attention from you. Regular Austin Dog Walking together with you or a dog walker will help both of you to stay healthy and develop a bond during walks.
  • NO MORE UNRULINESS: Behaviors such as knocking over furniture, jumping on people can be a sign of pent up energy. Regular Austin Dog Walking and exercise outside will help curb this type of behavior.
  • NO MORE HYPERACTIVITY: Austin Dog Walking can help to alleviate extra energy your pet may have, calming him down and reducing any hyperactivity, excitability, and even nighttime activity. A walk can help your pet to feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime. Hire an Austin Dog Walker and we will make sure your pup gets all the exercise he needs.
  • NO MORE DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: Regular Austin Dog Walking, as well as other forms of exercise, such a playing ball or frisbee, can help reduce or eliminate any of your pet's destructive chewing, digging, or scratching habits. Pets are like children, if you are not giving them something constructive to do, you may not like what they choose to do out of boredom.
  • HELPS THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Regular Austin Dog Walking can be extremely beneficial to your pet's digestive system, control weight gain and can aid in relieving constipation.
  • HELPS WITH WEIGHT CONTROL: An overweight pet is not a healthy pet. In addition to regulating your pet(s) diet, to keep your pet in tip-top shape, you should be doing your best to provide regular exercise or hire a Professional Austin Dog Walking Service.
  • HELPS KEEP PETS HEALTHY: This one is a no-brainer. Exercise is good for us all. It provides many health benefits that include keeping your pet(s) healthy, agile, and limber. Book Austin Dog Walking Today and give your pet something to look forward to!


Why Choose The Sporty Dog ATX?

Our Private Dog Walks are tailored to each dogs' needs. From the largest to the tiniest, your dog can reap the countless benefits from Austin Dog Walking or Adventure Hiking with socialization, mental stimulation and exercise for your dog's overall well-being. We offer convenient 24 hour scheduling and our walks are available 7 days a week.  Our GPS App allows your Austin Dog Walker to send you real time updates of the walk, route and adorable pictures for your peace of mind.

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