Austin In Home Pet Sitting Services

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AM/PM Vacation Services for Dogs

Are you going away on vacation or business and can't take your furry family member along?  We can help!  Every pet(s) individual needs will be met, from their diet to exercise routine, as well as any meds. Austin Pet Sitters personalize care for each and every home with our highest priority focused on the well-being and happiness of your pet(s). Each visit includes Austin Pet Sitting along with a walk around the block, or play time in the yard, fresh water, meals, and treats are served and a Pet Report Card and adorable picture of your pet(s) having fun and for your peace of mind. Home care services are included such as taking out trash, mail check, water plants, adjust lights, etc.

  • Quick Sporty AM/PM Visit: $20
  • A great choice for puppies, shy kitties and backyard potty breaks for small pets usually 15-20 Minute Austin Pet Sitting Visit/ Drop In
  • Vacation AM/PM Sporty Visit: $25 30 Minute Austin Pet Sitting Visit AM/PM for 2x/visits (typically scheduled to accommodate AM breakfast, (an optional afternoon walk/yard play), and a PM late dinner/potty break).
  • Extended Vacation AM/Mid/PM Sporty Visit: $35-$45 45-60 Minute Austin Pet Sitting Visit for 3x/visits (typically scheduled to accommodate breakfast, a mid-day walk, dinner and a late potty break).
  • Pet Meds: Additional fees for any pets requiring sub q and injection medication administration only, as this is a specialty that only certain trained members of our team can perform. 
  • Insulin OR Sub Q Fluid Administration – $10

Vacation Cat Visits

Cats are creatures of habit and thrive in their own routine and being secure in their own home environment. A Sporty Cat Visit is tailored to meet the needs of each cat in the home. Vacation cat sitting services can be mixed and matched to tailor pet care solutions for ALL of your pets. Austin pet sitting visits include meals and treats served, fresh water, exercise, litter scoop, waste removal, cleanups, medication (if needed) and the TLC your cat deserves while you are away along with daily GPS updates for our pet parents.

 Home care services are included such as taking out trash, mail check, water plants, adjust lights, etc.

Pet Meds: Additional fees for any pets requiring sub q and injection medication administration only, as this is a specialty that only certain trained members of our team can perform.

  • Insulin OR Sub Q Fluid Administration – $10 

Longer In Home Pet Sitting (Almost Overnight) Services

Interested in Longer Visit options for pets that require extra attention?

Our “Almost Overnight” visits can be combined with our regular austin pet sitting visits to further tailor your ideal pet sitting package. The “Almost Overnight” includes a 2 hour visit in the evening plus a long sit in the early morning.

Here are some of our favorite service combinations for our wet nosed family members:


  • “Almost Overnight” : Our most popular pairing and perfect for pups with working or traveling parents! An “Almost Overnight” visit (which includes a 2-hour visit in the evening along with a 1-hour visit in the early morning)  
  • Ideal for pets that crave snuggle time in the evening followed by breakfast service
  • Optional 10 Hour Austin Pet Sitting Stay 9pm -7am  + Dinner/Mid Day Visit
  •  RSVP in advance only for Overnight Pet Sitting


Overnight stays are a good option for pets who get lonely, have separation anxiety or to alleviate stress, while giving constant monitoring, TLC, and to keep their routine as normal as possible. Our trained Pet Care Specialists will respect your home and property and leave things neat and tidy upon leaving as well as sending pet updates throughout the time you are away.

Benefits of In-Home Pet Care

austin pet care: the sporty dog

Benefits Of In-Home Care

Pets enjoy:

  • Staying at home in their safe, secure environment
  • Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds
  • Following their regular diet and exercise routine
  • Receiving personalized attention and private playtime
  • Eliminating the trauma of moving pets to an unfamiliar environment
  • Ensuring good health and negating exposure to other animal’s illnesses or parasites

Pet parents enjoy:

  • Knowing their pet is in professionally trained and in caring hands by austin pet sitting professional
  • Eliminating the trauma of having to transport and leave pets behind
  • Not having to impose on family, friends, or neighbors
  • Additional home care services and feeling their home is more secure with someone going in and out several times a day
  • Having the confidence that a professional sitter can deal with emergencies for all austin pet care

Why Choose The Sporty Dog: Austin Pet Care Services

austin pet sitting: in home pet care: the sporty dog

Is At-Home Pet Care Better Than Boarding? 

Plans for your dream vacation are all set. You’ve chosen a great location, booked yourself in the swankiest hotel you could find and you’re counting down the days before you get to let loose and enjoy some well-deserved fun. This last but oh-so important detail has you stumped and you just can’t bring yourself to make a final decision. You love your little cuddle buddy so much and wish you had the option of taking her with you, but you can’t. Should you choose in home pet care or should you send your precious companion at a nearby kennel or boarding facility? What should you do? Which option is ideal for your best friend?

 At Home Pet Care is a better solution for your pet than a kennel or boarding facility. This is almost always true for cats and dogs, as well as other pets such as birds and reptiles. While boarding is often used, at-home pet care has emerged as a better solution since it allows your beloved to remain in the familiar environment she is most used to and in a place where she feels comfortable and is safest.

Before you decide, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of both options:

The Pros of At-Home Pet Care:

  • Staying at home keeps your pet comfortable
  • Maintaining a normal routine helps relieve anxiety while you are away
  • Being in a safe and secure environment keeps your pet at ease
  • Focused attention from their Pet Care Provider while playing and exercising reminds them they are loved and cared for

The Cons of At-Home Pet Care

  • Your pet may miss you
  • Prices may be a bit higher but worth it

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons here. And if you bring on the right dog walker or pet sitter, your pet may not even miss you! If you have security cameras in your home or a pet sitter who is willing to video chat with you, you can even peek in and even say hello to your love bug every day that you are away.

The Pros of Pet Boarding

  • Daily costs may be lower
  • Your dog might enjoy making new friends at a boarding facility but you don't know for sure

 The Cons of Pet Boarding

  • Adjusting to a new environment, scents, sights and sounds which may be frightening to them
  • Exposure to airborne diseases, such as kennel cough and canine influenza
  • Possibility that your dog may be picked on by an alpha dog, possibly causing physical or psychological harm and high vet bills
  • Lack of attention or quality of environment they are used to
  • Increased stress or anxiety from a bad boarding experience
  • Desire to escape from the new environment may cause your pet to run away and become lost

 Weighing Your Options

So, on the one hand, you have a scenario where, besides missing you, not much changes in your pet’s life. On the other hand, with boarding, there are more than a few serious risks involved. Being creatures of habit and pretty big on having a territory of their own, most pets will appreciate staying at home without you as opposed to going to a strange environment without you.

Our Full Disclosure

Clearly, we have a bit of a bias here, but it’s not just because we offer superior pet sitting and dog walking services. We started The Sporty Dog because we honestly believe that there’s no place like home for pets and we want them to feel as happy, safe and comfortable as possible. There simply is no better way to care for your pet when you have to hit the road!


The Stress-Free Option

Your pet has as much difficulty as you do when you are away. There is a distinct difference between leaving her at a strange place and leaving her at home, however. As leaving your pet at home creates less stress and supports their comfort, we hope that you will agree that at-home pet care is always better than boarding.