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Lauren Spears has over 30 years of expertise caring for animals, graduated from Texas Tech University, is a Certified Elementary Special Education Teacher, and started working Professionally in the Dog Walking Industry in June 2006, training under Top Five Star Professional Pet Companies in Dallas and Los Angeles. Lauren specializes in Positive Training Reinforcement by using a gentle approach to help calm and relax each pet she works with while creating life long pet care partnerships with each pet + pet pawrent. Lauren also is an advocate for Forgotten Friends, a Mixed Breed Rescue where she rescued two dogs of her own + one adopted cat.

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We have High Standards + Years of Experience in the Pet Industry + Five-Star Customer Service for your peace of mind for alternative In-Home Pet Care.

It's not only beneficial to a pet's health to Hire a Professional, who is Trained, Certified, and Experienced with a variety of Dog breeds and Animal Behavior but also prepared for ALL Emergencies. We make it our goal to encourage each pet to reach their highest potential while under our care and become happier, less anxious, healthier dogs, as a result of positive interactions, consistency, and one-on-one care.  

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